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A Határtalanul! program keretében a Pesti Barnabás iskola 3️⃣3️⃣ tanulója és 3️⃣ oktatója utazott ⏰2022.05.24-28. között Erdélybe. Az "Őseink nyomában - kutatás a múltban" című pályázat szerint az 5 nap alatt számos történelmi helyszínt látogattak meg.
1️⃣. nap: Budapest – Déva
2️⃣. nap: Déva, Gyulafehérvár, Déva
3️⃣. nap: Nagyszeben, Medgyes, Segesvár
4️⃣. nap: Segesvár, Brassó
5️⃣. nap: Brassó, Budapest
🚍A kiutazás nagyban fejlesztette a diákok kulturális ismereteit, számos újdonságot tanulhattak és rengeteg élményben lehetett részük.
A pályázatban a 🏫Téglás Gábor Elméleti Líceummal működtünk együtt, akikkel a résztvevők közös programokat valósíthattak meg.
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Tóth Judit Emma /angol/

1st day
I thought i know myself very much but today course task about identity made me think a lot. Some elements of it can change by time and by impressions we have and it was very nice to reflect on what influenced mine.
Knowing more about Guadeloupe and people who live here made me very curious and interested about to know these people, hear their stories, know they feelings about their cultural heritage.
The outdoor classroom was the best classroom i ever had and maybe one of the best place in this world. It helped me to have the feeling nothing in this world can destroy my positive way of thinking about life.

2nd day
Today i experienced myself with the rhythm inside me what i never thought it excist. It was amazig to meet the compteur and see how they make efforts through the music and stories to keep their creol culture alive. Kontakaz is an amazing idea how to tell children about their culture and roots and even if not everybody speaks the same language the language of the music can tell all the stories.
And i am still singing:
ll faut se mettre à chanter. Aussitôt que l’on se réveille!
And now i realized that is somehow the joy of the life. If you sing and you are happy from the moment you open your eyes in the morning, nothing can turn wrong, and you can stay positive!
I truly enjoyed the company of our group today and it is very nice to know you more and more!

3rd day
Today i experienced the real local market and the different way of preparing food. I saw some very practical methods what we never use at home. The local people looked like used to the tourists because they knew what we are looking for and they offered different things for us than the locals.
The museum itself was very big and very modern, also inside. It took us on a tour where we could get the feeling about what is multiculturalism, how a community from different nations can live together and create their traditions, language, religion.
One highlighting point was that the hunger for money how can destroy and rebuild a whole society anywhere and how the power structures can change the world’s history. And everything is only about power and money. So like today.
I missed one point from the presentation in the museum, it was that in the old times there were the black kings who started to trade with their own habitants. It was them who sold the slaves to the white people what i think discribes properly that the scin colour does not have any effect on who we are, what we do and how we act. We are all the same and we all do bad, horrible but also good things.

4th day
Today we have seen a school what i think is the dream of every teacher. Very well equiped, clean, colourful and has a very good athmosphere. The preparation for the carneval was a very good idea to use children’s creativity. During the zumba session everybody was happy, laughing, and through the dance together we could feel very free.
In the article about multiculturalism there were some points about how a good teacher is and i really liked the words: warm demander. This is the type i think i am and always want to be. The experiences like today session helps me to get out my comfort zone through dance and sing and it helps me to come back to a person i am. Sometimes in our daily life we forget about to wonder the amazing life we have around us and travelling and experiencing helps us to think differently, know ourselves better and better.
It was nice to see how school follow their traditions (creol week) and helps children to know who they are and where are they come from.

5th day
Multiculturalism: so like the mangrove. Needs two different things for the roots, sweet and salty water. We have so many traditions and habits but none can live alone. So we need different things to create our culture. And than the growing process. The population with the same culture grows. Same with the mangrove. Strong roots can feed the trees and they can multiply. The fishes and the birds. The fishes need safe place to multiply and the birds need calm place to stay for the night. So like we, multicultural people do. We accept different people from different culture, we understand and respect each other and live together in the same culture without destroying each others life.
Different weather conditions can force the mangrove to adapt and stay in alive. So like we do. Globalisation requires different way of thinking but still in the same culture we need to accept other things.
And the leaves. One of them is always yellow and falling down. And than an other one grows. It is the same with the identity. If we have a lot of impressions and experiences we need to clear ourselves and think again who are, what are our main caracteristics.
Mangrove is the perfect example to show how is multuculturalism.

6th day
What i have learned today is every subject can be more interesting for the students if we add something international. The daily life of the school gets more colourful for the staff and for the students. We as teachers have a very important role it is to prepare students for a life what is more and more multicultural, so first of all it is us who need to have all the multicultural skills after we can expect our students to have them.

7th day
Jungle talk!!! I really loved to share experiences and different opinions about international programs and organizing tasks. We learn something every day from and about each other. I hope it continues tomorrow and the rest of the week. The more i know about the team members the more i like them!

8th day
I just wondered today how many of our skills are developping during this 2 weeks. It is amazing how simple things can affet us and through us, the students as well.
We don’t need to think very complicated tasks, a simple idea can end up with a project.
Today i learned a lot about how differently schools organizing their projects and i found differences between national agencies what it should be the same.
I am very satisfied with our NA but i know a lot of countries has difficulties.
I liked our classroom today and also it was nice to see around the market.
I got many many ideas about how can we developp the 7 key competences of the students and ourselves.

9th day
It is a neverending work journey. It takes a lot of time interest. It needs a lot of concentration motivation.
Everything can end up as a project. I am really looking forward to start again with Ka2 projects and i hope our colleagues on the teacher courses can find the same motivation and can be involved! I am very happy that we all learned from each other and i feel again so much motivated what i missed in the last couple of months.
If we always look at the positive side nothing wrong can happen, and i think it is the same with the projects. If you ignore the “why not to do” expressions you can just move forward.

10th day
Nice, open minded people with great hospitality, perfect organization, good timing and the outdood classrooms were probably the coolest classrooms in the world. Out of your comfortzone what helped to expand your ideas on international projects.
The best expression for me what describes this course is: learning journey cause while visiting the whole island you participate on a learning process and with the great help of the course booklet you will have an overview of what is multiculturality and internalization.